Community Band


Each summer in the month of June

The Community Summer Band is a student and adult band that practices in The Dungeon and is lead by Mr. Faith.  Anyone with at least 1 year of band can join.  Cost is $30, just show up, pay the fee and play!

The main purpose of the band is to supply music for concerts and provide music for the 4th of July parade.  The songs played are quite easy and sound nice. We have about 100 songs in the repertoire.  Folders stay at The Dungeon, but you can check out practice music.

Bring your instrument as we'll be playing from the first day.  You won't need chairs, stands, or music, those are provided.

We will be on a float during the 4th of July parade and will play a concert afterwards in the Band Shell at Smokey Bear Park.  Extra concerts include a June date at the Band Shell plus two more to be announced.  

If you want to be in the band, call Mr. Faith (218) 286-3281 and leave a message, text (218) 330-4853, or just show up at rehearsal with an instrument and your fee. All rehearsals will be in The Dungeon.  

Rehearsals  will be held Monday thru Thursday each week at 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.  You can attend either or both daily sessions.    

Rehearsals are held at these times because:

  • 7 am is before most people go to work or get off night shift, and 5 pm is when people get off work.
  • Two times a day?  We try to accommodate anyone who works but would like to make at least one rehearsal a day.
  • It would be nice if you could play at all of the sessions as some of us need to get our chops in shape. 
  • All these rehearsals can accommodate some absenteeism if you are going on vacation, but don't show up with no rehearsal time and expect to play.  That would not be fair to all of the others that have shown up for a lot of the rehearsals plus it doesn't matter how good a player you are, you don't fit in with the current sound that the regulars are making.    

There is a fee of $30 for the sessions.  Fee payable to The Dungeon -- all fees go towards keeping The Dungeon open.  If you want to play, but cannot afford the fee, see Mr. Faith.

Regarding the additional concerts, we usually go to various places in the surrounding communities that would like us to perform.  Previously we have been asked by Heritage House and the Littlefork Care Center for a concert during our practice season.  If the band wants to play more we'll just ask who is available and book extra concerts!